Globally, ASSA ABLOY is at the forefront of Environmental Sustainability and this focus and drive is reflected through ASSA ABLOY New Zealand.

Our Environmental Policy is a document that provides a focus for us to continue to decrease our environmental footprint. This focus is illustrated in our daily operations and the company wide focus of reducing, re-using and recycling.

Download a PDF Version of the ASSA ABLOY Environmental Policy.

There are several specific initiatives in place in New Zealand

  • Solar Panels - Commercial installations of around 100kW, representing 7% of our current electricity spend.

  • Die Cast Machine Insulation - This initiative requires less energy to heat up and maintain temperature of the die cast machines as well as reducing heat loss.

  • Hot Water Heating - The energy required to heat water from 10-20 degrees is the same as the amount of energy from 20 degrees through to boiling. the implementation of this initiative will be by means of either using vertical ventilation shafts from the powder coating oven, or passing a heating element through the powder coating line.

  • Energy Management System - To actively monitor our utilities use and drive opportunities for cost reduction through peak demands.

  • Air Compressors - Reduce peak loading on compressors to enable a smaller compressor to be leased. This translates to a reduction of running costs.

  • LED lights - With occupancy and daylight harvesting for cafeteria and offices.

  • Louvres - Reduction in the impact of solar gain on north facing glass windows for offices, and cooling requirements in summer for the air conditioning system.

Closed loop and auto dosing trade of our waste treatment and pre-treatment processes will enable us to re-use most of the water introduced into our pre-treat system for our powder coating line.

An upgrade to our trade waste treatment process will enable us to go closed loop, whilst at the same time maintaining the chemistry of our baths.