Local New Plymouth soccer club simplifies security with smart cards

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Wireless magnetic locks prove the perfect solution to manage access security at a busy community clubroom.

The New Plymouth Rangers AFC is a busy football club with over 400 members playing in the Taranaki leagues and the Central Football Federation league. Premier player and security manager Zane Foster from DataTalk, was approached by club president Monty Ammundsen to review the clubrooms access system. ‘We were managing 20 metal keys, constantly changing locks as people move on or when keys get lost,’ says Monty. ‘The clubrooms are used for football and other community events, so we’re driving keys across town to let people in and out. It was hard to keep control of and very time consuming and expensive to maintain.’

Zane spoke to Marek Pulawski, electronic security specialist at ASSA ABLOY who recommended the SMARTair Standalone access control system – a simple programming card to add or delete users. No app, PC or programmer needed. ‘The card lets them control all their access doors and provides convenience when managing multiple users,’ says Marek. ‘If they lose a key card, they simply de-programme the lost card. It’s quick and efficient, and you don’t have to change any lock barrels.’

SMARTair system uses wireless technology and the locks are battery powered. There’s no need to install power and have fixed wiring to the doors creating a fast and fairly cost-effective installation.

‘ASSA ABLOY have some good access control systems which we’ve used in the past,’ says Zane. ‘For this job, Marek put me onto a solution that is easily managed by community club members. They supplied it at no cost as sponsorship of the club, as did DataTalk with our installation labour. They are good to use, Marek is always on the phone and helping out where ever he can.’

SMARTair has provided a simple and elegant solution for this community project and helped club management run building access smoothly and efficiently. A simple but time-consuming problem has been solved with some smart hardware tech.

For more information about the products used on this project, contact ASSA ABLOY consultant, Todd Ryan on 021 842 912 or todd.ryan@assaabloy.com

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New Plymouth Rangers Soccer Club