351 Motorised

Product description

351 Motorised is equipped with an innovative quiet electric motor drive and is designed for locking single action, double action, and carousel doors. It is suitable for horizontal or vertical installation in the door frame.

This lock is a monitored lock with potential-free door and armature switching contacts. The door contact is switched magnetically when the door is closed. The armature contact can be used to monitor locking status.

The 351 Monitored is a fail safe lock.

Overview of Advantages

  • Very quiet locking and unlocking
  • Suitable for double-action swing doors and single-action swing doors and interlocking doors
  • Vertical and horizontal universal installation position in the door frame or in the door leaf
  • Holding force of 510 kg
  • Safe unlocking under pre-load of up to 510 kg
  • 12/24VDC multi-voltage, controlled DC voltage
  • Monitoring contact and armature contact integrated
  • Compatible with Model 351 Solenoid

Input Operating Voltage

  • 12VDC ± 10%; 24VDC ± 10%

Operating Current

  • 880mA @ 12VDC
  • 520mA @ 24VDC

Holding Current

  • 480mA @12VDC
  • 270mA @24VDC


  • 510kg

Holding Force

  • 510kg


  • Universal


  • Vertical or Horizontal

Monitoring contact

  • Yes

Fail Safe (Power-To-Lock)

  • Yes


  • Stainless Steel

Bolt material

  • Steel

Bolt length

  • 10mm

Operating Temperature Range

  • -15 °C to +50 °C


  • 200mm


  • 25mm


  • 42mm

Rebate gap

  • 3mm
Description Part Number
12-24VDC 351M Fail Safe Motorised Lock 351M.80-N91