Lockwood Mortice Digital DX Lockset

Combination of 3572 Series Cylinder Mortice Lock, Lockwood 1800 or 2800 Series and Digital Access Pad to provide keyless entry.

The Lockwood Digital DX Locksets provide a mechanical method of keyless entry.

For extra security when under forced attack, the inbuilt clutching mechanism allows the outside knob to rotate without operating or damaging the lock.

The factory set 5 digit code is easily changed to any 4, 5 or 6 digit code using the code changing kit provided with each lock.

Lockwood Digital DX Locksets are designed to control access into commercial areas, especially when frequent combination changes are needed to maintain security.

As the digital lockset utilizes mechanical operation, electrical wiring is not required. Selected locksets combined with digital access pads provide keyless entry.

Features of the Mortice Digital DX Lockset

Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn the knob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turn knob the code is automatically cancelled.

By lever handle or knob at all times.

Bolt Hold-back
A key operated hold-back function is available upon request. This is achieved by a pin tumbler cylinder on the inside allowing the bolt to be held back.



  • 60mm standard
  • Extended backsets 89mm and 127mm on application.

Door Thickness
32 to 50mm.

Options: Also available in double keypad version, which provides a keypad on each side of the door.

For product availability please contact customer service or your local sales office.

Standard Finishes

  • Satin Chrome* SC
  • Polished Brass PB

* Outside code pad is Satin Chrome Pearl. Inside furniture and face plate is Satin Chrome Brushed

Door Furniture
Lockwood 1800 and 2800 Series (ordered separately).

Fire Rating
Lockwood 3572 Mortice Digital DX Locksets (excluding rubber gasket) have been successfully tested to 4 hours on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1905.1: 1997, Fire Resistant Doorsets.