For top hung glass sliding doors. Max 80kg each leaf.


  • Stylish design with a modern and minimalistic finish, all parts concealed within the track.
  • Designed for glass doors of up to 80kg and suits 8, 10 and 12mm door thicknesses.
  • For interior residential or commercial applications.
  • Ideal for soffit, soffit panel and face fixed installations.
  • Polymer rollers and brush strip within the track ensure a quiet and smooth operation.
  • High quality stainless steel hangers and brackets.
  • Compact glass clamp requires no holes in glass panels.

Velaro Kit

Part Number Description Packaging
HV80/10 Velaro 80 Kit & Clip Stop 10mm Trade
HV80/12 Velaro 80 Kit & Clip Stop 12mm Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
HV80FF/2000 Velaro Face Fix Track 2m Trade
HV80FF/2500 Velaro Face Fix Track 2.5m Trade
HV80FF/3000 Velaro Face Fix Track 3m Trade
HV80FF/3500 Velaro Face Fix Track 3.5m Trade
HV80FF/4000 Velaro Face Fix Track 4m Trade
HV80FF/5000 Velaro Face Fix Track 5m Trade
HV80FF/6000 Velaro Face Fix Track 6m Trade
HV80FP/2000 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 2m Trade
HV80FP/2500 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 2.5m Trade
HV80FP/3000 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 3m Trade
HV80FP/3500 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 3.5m Trade
HV80FP/4000 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 4m Trade
HV80FP/5000 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 5m Trade
HV80FP/6000 Velaro Fixed Panel Track 6m Trade
HV80SF/2000 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 2m Trade
HV80SF/2500 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 2.5m Trade
HV80SF/3000 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 3m Trade
HV80SF/3500 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 3.5m Trade
HV80SF/4000 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 4m Trade
HV80SF/5000 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 5m Trade
HV80SF/6000 Velaro Soffit Fix Track 6m Trade