Flexirol 90°

For top hung multidirectional stacking timber and aluminium doors. Max 100kg each.

  • Designed for lightweight panels for internal and external applications requiring 90˚ movement.
  • Typical applications include internal partitions, moveable walls and shopfronts.
  • Suitable for sliding individual doors to dedicated areas, usually on either side of the opening where folding doors would not be suitable.
  • Floor channel is not necessary since the doors may be secured in position by stops, flush bolts or locks.
  • To cover any width of opening, any number of panels can be used.


Part Number Description Packaging
H555 Flexirol 90° Hanger Trade
H555/21 Flexirol 90° Hanger Trade
H555/61 Flexirol 90° Hanger Trade
H556 Flexirol Straight Sliding Hanger Metal Door Trade
H556/52 Flexirol Straight Sliding Hanger Corner Plate Fix Timber Door Trade
H556/57 Flexirol Straight Sliding Hanger Surface Mount Plate Timber Door Trade
H556A/221 Flexirol Folding Hanger for H65B Hinge 221mm Strapbolt Trade
H556AO/221 Flexirol Offset Folding Hanger for H65B Hinge 221mm Strapbolt Trade
H556S Flexirol Straight Sliding Hanger for FRP02 Glass Profile Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H550/2000A Flexirol Track 2.0m - Anodised Trade
H550/3000A Flexirol Track 3.0m - Anodised Trade
H550/4000A Flexirol Track 4.0m - Anodised Trade
H550/6000A Flexirol Track 6.0m - Anodised Trade
H90/550 Flexirol 90° Track Elbow Trade
H90C/550 Flexirol 90° Swept Track Elbow Trade
HW90L/550 Flexirol 90° Intersect LH Trade
HW90R/550 Flexirol 90° Intersect RH Trade

Track Brackets

Part Number Description Packaging
H1A/550 Flexirol Face Fix Bracket Trade
H3S/550 Flexirol Soffit Fix Bracket Trade