Soltaire Low Headroom 120

Soltaire Low Headroom 120
Soltaire Low Headroom 120
Soltaire Low Headroom 120
Soltaire Low Headroom 120

For timber top hung sliding doors. Max 120kg.

  • Designed to create a modern minimalist finish with all parts concealed.
  • Can reduce the clearance between the track and the top of the door to 2mm.
  • Vertically adjustable sliding door kit for low or restricted headroom applications.
  • Used to maximise door height.
  • Engineered for easy installation and adjustment.
  • Designed to accommodate single or multiple panels on one or more tracks.

Soltaire Low Headroom Kits

Part Number Description Packaging
HLH120 Soltaire 120kg Low Headroom Kit Trade


Part Number Description Finish Packaging
H94/1500 Channel 1.5m - Brass   Trade
H94/3000 Channel 3.0m - Brass   Trade
H94P/2000 Channel Polypropylene Black 2m Black Trade
H94P/3000 Channel Polypropylene Black 3m Black Trade
H94P/4000 Channel Polypropylene Black 4m Black Trade
H94P/6000 Channel Polypropylene Black 6m Black Trade
H94PSC/2000 Channel 2000 ALUM + Polypropylene   Trade
H94PSC/3000 Channel 3000 ALUM + Polypropylene   Trade
H94PSC/4000 Channel 4000 ALUM + Polypropylene   Trade
H94PSC/6000 Channel 6000 ALUM + Polypropylene   Trade
H94T/2000 Pacer Threshold 2.0m   Trade
H94T/3000 Pacer Threshold 3.0m   Trade
H94T/4000 Pacer Threshold 4.0m   Trade
H94T/6000 Pacer Threshold 6.0m   Trade
H94X/2000 Channel 2000 ALUM   Trade
H94X/3000 Channel 3000 ALUM   Trade
H94X/4000 Channel 4000 ALUM   Trade
H94X/6000 Channel 6000 ALUM   Trade
H94X/2000A Channel 2000 ALUM ANOD   Trade
H94X/3000A Channel 3000 ALUM ANOD   Trade
H94X/4000A Channel 4000 ALUM ANOD   Trade
H94X/6000A Channel 6000 ALUM ANOD   Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H102SS/94 Soltaire Wall Mounted Guide Stainless Steel Trade
H104N/94 Guide Angle Frame Trade
H104NX/94 Pacer Guide Box Frame Trade
H105SS/94 Soltaire Side Mounted Guide Stainless Steel Trade
H106HSS/94 Soltaire 250 Concealed Guide Trade
H106N/94 Guide Concealed Fix Trade
H106SS/94 Soltaire Concealed Guide Stainless Steel Trade
H89/2N Guide Floor Mounted Nylon Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H51/120/SS Soltaire 120 Hanger Surface Mounted Apron Plate Trade
H52/120/SS Soltaire 120 Hanger for Metal Doors Trade
H56/120/SS Soltaire 120 Hanger for Metal Doors Trade
H57/120/SS Soltaire 120 Hanger Flush Apron Plate Trade

Soltaire Accessories, Track Stops & Seals

Part Number Description Packaging
H59BZ/4800 Interlocking Door Seal Bronze Anodise Trade
H59CA/4800 Interlocking Door Seal Clear Anodise Trade
HH4/SS Soltaire Door Stop Trade
HH5/SS Soltaire Door Stop Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H120/2000M Track 120-2000 Alum Trade
H120/3000M Track 120-3000 Alum Trade
H120/4000M Track 120-4000 Alum Trade
H120/6000M Track 120-6000 Alum Trade
H120/2000A Track 120-2000 Alum ANOD Trade
H120/3000A Track 120-3000 Alum ANOD Trade
H120/4000A Track 120-4000 Alum ANOD Trade
H120/6000A Track 120-6000 Alum ANOD Trade

Track Brackets

Part Number Description Packaging
H1/SS Soltaire Face Fixing Bracket Trade
H5/SS Soltaire Face Fixing Bracket Trade
H5H/SS Soltaire Face Fix Double Run Bracket Trade