AANZ Winter 2010 Health and Safety Week


A number of different departments got involved, creating an atmosphere of healthy competition. Teams that traditionally didn’t participate in these types of activities got caught up in the enthusiasm and rivalry, all with their eyes on the prize of a healthy lunch shout and being crowned the winners of the Winter 2010 Health and Safety Week.

There were plenty of tears during the week…. But that was because people were laughing so hard. The Health and Safety Committee had done a fantastic job creating activities that were fun but still got their important messages across.

“I didn’t realise that learning about health and safety could be so much fun” was just one of the positive comments heard from staff throughout the week.
The first activity, focussed on driving home the message that as the weather gets colder you need to layer up your clothing, was a real hit. Now picture this, they took the smallest person in their team, layered them up with as many t-shirts as possible in a five minute timeframe. With their arms sticking straight out and their neck having completely disappeared, competitors then had to put a blue dust coat on and do up the buttons. No longer the smallest member of the team, the winning model was dressed in 56 t-shirts. The funniest part of the exercise was watching them try and get out of all the layers.

A staggering 118 entries flooded in for the creative poem competition about health and safety. The judges were laughing out loud at cheeky limericks, chuckling quietly at others, and overall quite amazed at the effort their colleagues had gone to putting pen to paper.

Enthusiasm and energy was matched with hilarity when the teams put on their exercise routines. Looking around the crowd of spectators, there were people doubled over with laughter at some of the outrageous costumes the teams had donned as well as their unique take on exercise. From hippy tree swaying to gangster hip hop moves and traditional exercise routines to round things off, there was something to appeal to everyone.

“I have really enjoyed coming to work this week with all the different activities planned for us” and “We feel that the company really cares about us” were comments overhead at a team meeting when discussing the Health and Safety week success.

The week would not have been complete if there wasn’t food on offer. Budding chefs tantalised the judges’ taste buds with over 70 different healthy dishes from many different cultures. Competition was fierce and a lot of effort went into the presentation of these restaurant quality dishes. The judges were well fed and had to make a tough decision before trying to slink off for an afternoon nap. Keeping it simple was the winning formula, with a tasty chicken salad chosen as the Judges favourite dish.
Other activities for the week entailed a quiz on the myths surrounding colds and flu’s, and daily talks at team meetings with hints on how to keep safe and healthy over winter.

Staff participation was huge during this week, and the enthusiasm for health and safety was tremendous. People are already asking “What are we doing next and when is it going to happen?”

Keri-Anne Martin
Health and Safety