A206: Interlock CHH Stays


A complete range of 4-bar friction stays manufactured from extruded Aluminium. Used for residential applications, the CHH Stays have four sizes suitable for sashes up to 16kg.

All CHH Stays

  • Available in four sizes to cater for top hung sashes up to 1200mm height and 16kg in weight
  • Designed to fit cavity 30 ±1mm X 20 ±1mm
  • Black powdercoated finish
Part Number Description Length Max Sash Height Opening Angle Max Sash Weight
P362B 240 CHH Std Friction Stay 240mm 800mm 40° 8kg
P363B 330 CHH Std Friction Stay 330mm 1000mm 38° 10kg
P364B 330 CHH Std Friction Stay 430mm 1200mm 28° 16kg
P568B 440 CHH HD Stay 330mm 1200mm 20° 16kg


Further information and images are available here.

Pricing information is available on the online catalogue at www.assaabloycatalogue.co.nz.