Lockwood Synergy® 3540 Short Backset Mortice Deadlock

Lockwood Synergy® 3540 Short Backset Mortice Deadlock
Lockwood Synergy® 3540 Short Backset Mortice Deadlock
Lockwood Synergy® 3540 Short Backset Mortice Deadlock
Lockwood Synergy® 3540 Short Backset Mortice Deadlock

Short backset, swing bolt deadlocks suitable for narrow stile hinged doors.

Positive action deadbolt locked or unlocked by either key, turnknob, escape turn or handle. Suitable for sliding doors where lock can be mounted to door jamb and deadbolt engages strike mounted to face of door.

Suitable for heavy duty use in industrial and commercial buildings, institutions, clubs, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail and similar buildings.

All 3540 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks are built of the finest materials, with the easy action and solid feel of the world's finest locks.



  • High quality zinc alloy case
  • Brass turnknobs and cylinder escutcheons
  • Zinc die cast levers


Sintered stainless steel.

Door Thickness

Suits hollow stile door sections with 28mm internal thickness and 58mm maximum external thickness.

Timber Doors: 32 to 58mm.


  • 5 pin tumbler mechanism
  • Brass cylinders and brass barrels

Standard strike plate included in lockset.


Standard Keying

  • Supplied individually keyed with two keys per lock
  • 78,000 key combinations
  • Key blank KB2015P

Restricted Special Keying

Lockwood locks can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication, which can also include specially designed key systems such as master key systems, which allow for different levels of mechanical access control.

Standard Finish

  • Satin Chrome Brushed SC
  • Other finishes available on application.

3540 Series Primary Lock Cases

Description Part Number
23mm Standard Backset
Primary Lock Fabricator 22mm Bolt L3540SC
Primary Lock Fabricator 28mm Bolt L3541SC
Primary Lock Fabricator 36mm Bolt L3542SC


Description Part Number
30mm Extended Backset
Primary Lock Fabricator 28mm Bolt L5541SC


3540 Series Accessories

Description Part Number
Turnknob and Lever
Escape Turnknob LSP3540-T1SC
Teardrop Turnknob, Metal LSP3540-T2SC
Cylinder Mounted Turnknob LSP3540-T4SC
Downward R/H Turnknob & Adaptor LSP3540-T5SC
Downward L/H Turnknob & Adaptor LSP3540-T6SC
Turnknob Adaptor Assembly LSP3540-T7SC
Mortice Lock Cylinder 'R' Cam LSP590-2SC
45 Degree Lever LSP3540-L1SC
45 Degree Lever R/H LSP3540-L2SC
45 Degree Lever L/H LSP3540-L3SC


Description Part Number
Latching Strike Fabricator Mounting LSP3540-LSSC
Security Strike Fabricator Mounting LSP3540-SSSC
Latching Strike Metal/Timber Mounting LSP3640-LSSC
Security Strike Metal/Timber Mounting LSP3640-SSSC


Description Part Number
Timber Cover Plate LSP3540-136SC
Anti-Lockout Adaptor LSP3540-E
L1/T1 Accessory Pack LSC3540-123
T2/T3 Accessory Pack LSP3540-125
3540 Cylinder Escutcheon & Retainer Clip LSP3540-CESC