The Sliding Door Gear EXPERT Service

Get a rapid quote for your sliding or folding door project

Let us recommend the optimum system for your needs. Simply answer a series of straightforward questions about your sliding or folding door project - size of opening, type of folding etc. - and we will do the rest.

The EXPERT Service is based around the unique EXPERT specification software system developed by Henderson's Research and Development Department. Henderson's human experts will review your answers and the recommendations of the EXPERT software and provide you with a full specification and a no-obligation quotation for the system which in our opinion is best suited to your needs.

Tell me more about EXPERT Service

Who can use it?

Anyone is welcome to use the sliding door gear expert, you don't have to be a professional installer. The questions we ask will be straightforward and any technical terminology will be clearly explained.

What is it for?

Specifying a sliding or folding door gear project can be a complex business involving a seemingly infinite number of choices of sytems and materials. The Henderson Sliding Door Gear Expert is intended to simplify this process by asking a series of questions which narrow down your options to the most suitable system or systems for your particular needs. The answers you give will be reviewed by one of our experienced specifiers and we will send you, by return, a full specification and a no obligation quotation for your requirements.

What does it cost?

The Henderson Sliding Door Gear Expert is absolutely free, and using it places you under no obligation to buy anything.