Keyed Sash Lock

Keyed Sash Lock
Keyed Sash Lock

Lockable swivel action double hung window lock.

Suitable for double hung windows.

Features of the Keyed Sash Lock

  • Swivel type two way action
  • Key to lock and unlock
  • Optional one way screws
  • Range of keepers for timber and aluminium window applications
  • Standard 16 mm and wide 26 mm bases available
  • Australian made with imported cylinder



  • 5 disc wafer cylinder
  • Two Whitco chrome plated keys
  • Can be key alike to other Whitco
  • 5 disc products


Standard Polyester powder coat finishes

  • Bright Gold 02
  • Satin Chrome 05
  • Bright Chrome 08
  • Mahogany 12
  • White 16
  • Black 17
  • Primrose 19

Available in both plated and polyester powder coat finishes.

Non Standard Finishes
Other polyester power coat finishes available on application.

Description Part Number
Gold LW273102
Satin Chrome LW273105
Chrome Plate LW273108
Mahogany LW273112
White LW273116
Black LW273117
Primrose LW273119


Keyed Sash Lock, KA x 10 & 40

Description Part Number
Gold LW273302
Satin Chrome LW273305
Chrome Plate LW273308
Mahogany LW273312
White LW273316
Black LW273317
Primrose LW273319


Keyed Sash Lock without Screws or Keeper, KA x 10 & 40

Description Part Number
Satin Chrome LW273405
Chrome Plate LW273408
Mahogany LW273412
White LW273416
Black LW273417
Primrose LW273419


Keyed Sash Lock with Plain Wide Base, KA x 10 & 40

Description Part Number
Gold LW273602
Satin Chrome LW273605
Chrome Plate LW273608
White LW273616
Black LW273617
Primrose LW273619


Keyed Sash Lock with Slimline Keeper, KA x 10 & 40

Description Part Number
Black LW274017