Guardian Securistay

Guardian Securistay
Guardian Securistay
Guardian Securistay
Guardian Securistay

The all-new Guardian Securistay is a window restrictor that provides ventilation for at-home security.

Designed for use with projected top-hung windows, the Guardian Securistay limits the sash opening to less than 100mm.

This allows for more secure ventilation and provides child safety, particularly in multi-storey buildings. It is suitable for pivoting timber or aluminium sashes.


  • To guard against injury caused by falling, the opening is restricted to less than 100mm, in accordance with NZ BC Acceptable Solution F4/AS1.
  • Modern, low-profile design is unobtrusive and complements your home interior
  • As a security feature, the restrictor can only be released when the window is fully shut. This is easy to do using the release tool provided.
  • The restrictor automatically re-engages when the window is closed again
  • Provides additional sash control in windy situations
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
  • Installation animations are available


  • Aluminium version
  • Timber version
  • Available in a range of colours to complement any window design and finish.

Releasable Window Restrictor - For Aluminium Windows

Part Number Description Finish Packaging
SYGABDP Single Pack Black Display
SYGAB2DP Twin Pack Black Display
SYGASDP Single Pack Silver Display
SYGAS2DP Twin Pack Silver Display
SYGAWDP Single Pack White Display
SYGAW2DP Twin Pack White Display
SYGABLS Single Pack Black Trade
SYGAPLS Single Pack P Colours Trade
SYGASLS Single Pack Silver Trade
SYGASPECLS Single Pack Special Trade
SYGAWLS Single Pack White Trade

Releasable Window Restrictor - For Timber Windows

Part Number Description Finish Packaging
SYGTW2DP Twin Pack White Display
SYGTWDP Single Pack White Display
SYGTPLS Single Pack P Colours Trade
SYGTSPECLS Single Pack Special Trade
SYGTWLS Single Pack White Trade


Part Number Description Finish Packaging
SYGASCR Screws for Aluminium Zinc Trade
SYGCOVB Clip-on Side Cover Black Trade
SYGCOVP Clip-on Side Cover P Colours Trade
SYGCOVSPEC Clip-on Side Cover Special Trade
SYGPACB Packers Black Trade
SYGPACP Packers P Colours Trade
SYGPACSPEC Packers Special Trade
SYGTOOL Release Tool Black Trade
SYGTSCR Screws for Timber Zinc Trade
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