Safetystay (P1097)
Safetystay (P1097)
Safetystay (P1097)

The Safetystay is a non-releasable restrictor for awning and casement windows, for those with safety and security in mind. The restrictor provides safe ventilation and deters unlawful entry.


  • The stainless steel scissor arm limits the opening to a maximum of 100mm when installed in the recommended position, guarding against injury caused by falling
  • Manufactured from non-corrosive 304 austenitic steel
  • Designed to be installed within a window cavity of 33mm width and ranging from 12mm to 15mm height
  • Can be screwed or riveted through the bearing eyelets for strong fixing
  • Restricts the sash opening in order to avoid interference with foot traffic in ground level or walk by situations
  • Safetystays provide a means for controlling open sashes in high windows or when restriction of large or heavy sashes is desired for safety reasons

Suitable for restricting window opening width to 100mm.

Fixing Surfaces

  • Timber
  • Metal

Stainless Steel


Awning And Casement Restrictor - Display

Part Number Description Finish Packaging
P1097C Single Window Pack Stainless Steel Display
P1097C4 Double Window Pack Stainless Steel Display


Awning And Casement Restrictor - Trade

Part Number Description Finish Packaging
P1097A Concealed Stay (Stay Only) Stainless Steel Trade
P1097LS Concealed Stay (Fixings Included) Stainless Steel Trade
P1097 130mm Concealed Restrictor Stay Stainless Steel Trade


Product note: Minimum order quantity 20 units (P1097 min order quantity is 100 units). Additional 3% discount applies on bulk orders of 100+ pairs.



Part Number Description Finish Packaging
P1097P Safetystay Packer Black Trade
C2663 Snubber/Pull-in Block Black Trade
P545B Sash Riser Block Black Trade