Open the Door To a Healthier, Smarter Workplace

Maintain office hygiene by keeping germs away right from the doorway.

A healthy business begins with a healthy workforce. The office is, however, full of hygiene black spots that are invisible to the human eye. The door handle is no doubt one of them. 

Virus and bacteria can stay on the metallic surface of conventional mechanical handles. As one of the most touched spots, the door handle can transfer germs from one person to another, thereby putting the office at risk of contamination. 


Contactless entrance solutions

ASSA ABLOY offers a permanent, future-proof solution —install automatic doors to get rid of the handles completely. Paired with a wireless access control system, automatic doors ensure employees and visitors the warmest welcome, plus zero traces of physical contact.

From sliding-, swing- to revolving doors, our automatic door range can fit almost any entrances and security levels.

●       Sliding doors:  Smooth and quiet operation with a variety of styles and configurations

●       Swing doors: Minimal space required for maximal opening width

●       Revolving doors: Ideal climate control with superior separation from outdoor environments

Seamless access control

Going contactless also implies that mechanical locks and keys will become obsolete. 

Integrated with RFID-readers, Aperio electronic locks secure accessibility with wireless devices and smart access card. A single access control system can take care of all locks in the office. In other words, all doors can be unlocked with just one key.   

Home security

Set your mind at ease when you leave, and return home. The Yale Smart Door Lock range is available to offer extra protection to you and your family all day long.