Protecting the Infrastructures that Uphold Society

Ensuring security and efficiency in various environments requires building access solutions that are accommodating and intuitive.

CLIQ offers a wide range of electromechanical locking systems that cater to all sorts of security and access needs.With a focus on providing flexibility and efficiency, CLIQ is a wire-free system that includes battery-powered CLIQ keys, which can be programmed and updated individually to manage access to specific areas at specific times. Its intuitive software means that management, control, and customisation of access rights are made simpler than ever and can be accessed either on-site or on-the-go.


Flexible high-end lock systems

PROTEC2 CLIQ’s easy-to-use access control system has combated many of the security problems that hospitals face regularly. By enabling remote key management, providing comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks, and facilitating the removal of lost or stolen keys from the system, PROTEC2 CLIQ has significantly enhanced the security of controlled drugs within hospitals. 

ASSA ABLOY’s latest electronic cylinder platform, eCLIQ, is one that targets institutional organisations such as accommodation, universities, schools, and hospital estates. In order to cater to the constantly changing access requirements of such environments, eCLIQ’s programmable keys and compact locking cylinders maintain all the benefits and security of a physical key system, while adding flexibility and modernity to the way we manage door access.

Building close-knit connections

Covering about 90 per cent of Helsinki’s heating needs, Finnish energy company Helen Oy required a locking system that would ensure infrastructure security for a large workforce of almost 4,000 people. Using CLIQ mechanical locking and electronic identification, ASSA ABLOY installed a high-security locking system that accommodates ever-changing access requirements and ensures the reliability of energy supply around-the-clock. A remote web-based administration secures all 3,500 door openings across 70 site locations under a unified security ecosystem.

Creating an overarching security system for SBB

The innovative electromechanical locking system provided for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has not only improved security and access control but also saves CHF 150,000 annually in staff and operating costs. KESO, a Swiss company of the ASSA ABLOY group, supplied 35,000 VERSO CLIQ cylinders and 14,000 keys to the national railway company. With a mechanical code and electronically coded microcircuit built into each key, plus a corresponding electronic chip in each cylinder, SBB’s security system has benefited significantly from a more unified overarching concept and enhanced access control.