Cobalt Firmware Toolkit Notice

We wish to advise all customers of a recent firmware upgrade to the Cobalt lock sold by ASSA ABLOY between 2013 and 2018.

Each Cobalt lock utilises capacitors to enable the operation of the lock when power is removed. As with any electronic componentry, there is the potential for these capacitors to malfunction due to damage or degradation over time, or as a result of manufacturing faults. If a capacitor fails, then the operation of the lock could be compromised.

BQT Solutions, the manufacturer of the Cobalt lock, have this month released a firmware update toolkit to enable installers to complete a health check on the capacitors of currently fitted Cobalt locks and to upgrade the Cobalt lock to the latest firmware. More information on the Cobalt lock firmware update is set out in the BQT Product Update.

A user can upgrade the firmware of an installed lock via the Cobalt’s Micro-USB connector and get immediate confirmation of the capacitor status. With the new firmware uploaded, the working lock can be re-installed with the additional feature of continuous monitoring of the capacitors.

In situations where the lock is required to fail safe in a power outage, BQT and ASSA ABLOY strongly recommend this firmware update be implemented.