New Yale Access app simplifies locking through remote access


Yale Access is the all-new Yale mobile app that enables customers to remotely access and manage Yale Assure locks remotely. The app allows users to lock and unlock, share access, view access history, receive instant notifications on the lock’s activity, and also has a nifty feature, auto-unlock — whereby the home is open for the homeowner, whenever they return.

Yale Access is compatible with the Yale Assure lock range when paired with the Yale Access Module and Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. With Yale Access, homeowners will be able to lock and unlock doors — no matter where they are in the world. They can access keyless entry, see who’s coming and when, grant virtual guest keys, and check whether the door is locked or unlocked. 

Connect Yale Access with leading smart home systems, voice assistants for effortless door control and access management. Enjoy peace of mind, protected by Yale and backed by 180 years of security expertise. 

Yale Access products integrate seamlessly with partners such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. 

Yale Access offers trust, convenience and connectivity through a touch of a button on a smartphone.

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