Sloper Avenue Trackside Flexibility


Situated alongside the V8 street circuit in Hamilton, this project has resolved two potentially conflicting requirements. Although the creation of generous viewing platforms overlooking the racetrack was a fundamental driver of the development, there was also a need to provide privacy and acoustic amenity for the mix of domestic and commercial tenants that occupy the building throughout the year.

Comprising a mix of light industrial ground floor tenancies and office/apartment tenancies on the upper level, the project effectively utilises Henderson’s Flexirol Multidirectional 200 system to operate a series of cedar slat and translucent polycarbonate screens on the balconies. The Henderson system provided an ideal solution by allowing the screens to be folded completely to one side of the 10m wide balconies for optimum race viewing. Alternatively, the entire balcony can be completely or partially enclosed by the 1650mm wide by 2700mm high aluminium framed screens to suit the particular requirements of the tenant.

The multidirectional screen system is a key feature in the overall aesthetic of the building, taking on various configurations throughout the day and the year, adding life and visual interest to this busy arterial streetscape and providing a high degree of flexibility and amenity for the building’s users.